In this post we will learn how to do the client notification setting in configuration manager console. Client notification is enabled for the ease of users. Whenever configuration manager deploy any patch update/software update that may require reboot. If reboot is enabled for that deployment, user can alter the restart of the computer according to their convenience up to a time limit. The behavior of the Configuration Manager Client is controlled by the settings as shown in the screenshots below. 

These are the default System Center Client agent settings. These are the default settings. 

  • If the deployment deadline is greater than 24 hours, then give a reminder to the user every 48 hours. 
  • If the deployment deadline is less than 24 hours, give the user a reminder the user every 4 hours. 
  • If the deployment deadline is less than 1 hour, remind the user every 15 minutes. 
  • The users are presented with a temporary notification that indicates the interval before the user is logged off or before the computer restarts. In this case: 240 minutes. 
  • Display a dialog box that the user cannot close which displays the countdown interval before the user is logged off or before the computer restarts. This is set to: 30 minutes. 

We are planning to make the software available for 1 week, the users have 7 days’ time to install the updates themselves (we set this deadline in the wizard). The user is informed that there are updates available. See the screenshot below 

Users can ignore these messages for 7 days. If they decide to click on it, the screen as shown below opens 

  1.  “View details” is clicked, the user sees what kind of Microsoft updates are available. 
  2. Here, the user can decide when to install the Microsoft updates available. 

User also can : “Snooze and remind met later” 

However, the deadline is reached after 7 days. The updates are downloaded in the SCCM cache and then installed in the system. Now the system needs to be restarted and the user is presented with the popup as shown below 

For the user, it’s possible to hide this popup window. Here you see the 240 minutes countdown that we set in the System Center Agent Custom Device Settings 

Users can’t hide this message anymore. This happens in the last 30 minutes of the 240 minutes countdown. We configured this in the System Center Agent Custom Device Settings. All the programs that are open are in background now and there is no excuse for the users to say they have not been informed or lost work due to an unexpected restart. The users could even influence the installation and restart their own computer systems themselves. The only thing they can’t do anymore is postpone the installation of the Windows updates forever. 

If the counter reaches 00:00:00 the computer is being restarted and the installation of the Windows security updates is completed. With this behavior, the computer systems stay up to date with the latest Microsoft updates and the customer is more protected against ransomware and other vulnerability 

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