In this post I will show how to import Microsoft update into WSUS manually. Sometimes update which is released by MS that are not part of WSUS catalog, so need to import the update using Windows Update Catalog.

  1. Import the update into WSUS database using windows update catalog
  2. SCCM SUP will import the information  into SCCM Database
  3. Update will be visible in SCCM console

Here I will show how to import the KB4554364 which is not available in SCCM

Open WSUS with ‘Run as administrative’

Select update and click on Import updates

It will redirect to windows update catalog and search for the specific update, then ADD

While clicking on ADD, update will added to the basket. Then click on View basket and import the update

Selected Metadata information is being imported into WSUS

Come back to WSUS. Expand Update tab and select all update. Click the search icon on the right

Input KB article which is recently imported and Click Find Now 

Update is available in WSUS console

Sync the SCCM with WSUS

Open SCCM console, navigate to Software Library->Software Update->Select All Software Update right click and Select Synchronize Software Update

Click Yes

Open the wsyncmgr.log from Site server, you can find the imported update information

Search the update under All Software Update

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